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Ice maker
Installed on 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, and 22nd floors. Every ice maker is equipped with free paper ice cups.

Pants presser
(at the elevator hall on the 9th to 19th floors and 22nd and 23rd floors)
Pants pressers are at the elevator hall on the 9th to 19th floors and 22nd and 23rd floors. Please feel free to use them.

Coin lockers
Located at the lobby on the 5th floor.
Available at a charge: Small: JPY200/day; Medium: JPY400/day; and Large: JPY500/day

Convenience Store
A 24-hour Seven Eleven is located on the 1th floor. Liquor, cigarettes, ATM, Fami Port, Suica, and EDY are available.

Vending machines for Video On Demand card
Approx. 100 titles can be seen at JPY1000/night stay.
The machine is installed at the elevator hall on every guest room floor.

Conference rooms
Three multipurpose conference rooms are available on the 9th floor. Lunch and other facilities will be available on request. Please ask the front desk for details.

Mobile phone recharging plug
A mobile phone recharging plug is available at a charge at the entrance of “Family Mart” on the 5th floor. Every Premium Room is furnished with a mobile phone recharging plug. (Not available for iPhones and smartphones)

Foreign Currency ATMs
Located in front of the front desk on the 5th floor. They are available for exchanging USD to JPY.

“Cross gate building”, the hotel and a commercial area
Lower floors accommodate a commercial area “Cross gate” consisting of 18 shops and restaurants. Middle floors are comprised of offices and all guestrooms are located on the 9th to 23rd floors.

Free Wi-Fi
I installed Wi-Fi in all the guest rooms.

Services for our Muslim Guests
We have qibla compasses and mats available for muslim guests at the front desk. (number is limited)


Parcel delivery service (charged)
Provides the service at Seven Eleven on the 1st floor (open 24 hours a day). Cardboard boxes are also available (charged).

Cleaning service (charged)
Laundry received before 10:00 am will be returned by 18:00 pm the same day. Closed on Sundays.

Massage Service (charged)
Cost: JPY4,700 for 40 minutes; JPY7,000 for 60 minutes; JPY9,400 for 80 minutes

Complimentary rental facilities
Pants pressers (at the elevator hall on the 9th to 19th floors and 22nd and 23rd floors), humidifiers, cooling fans, clothes irons, ironing boards, desk lamps, umbrellas, and nail-scissors

Lady’s room exclusive amenities
Ladies’ room exclusive amenities including basic skincare goods, cotton, cotton swabs, a band for hair, a brush are available.

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